ArcBlock 每周研发进展(5 月 7 日)

2021 年 5 月 1 日至 5 月 7 日,ArcBlock 工程团队研发进展如下:

ABT 节点

Released v1.3.3 on May 4 and released v1.3.4 on May 7

  • Core
    • feat: support read owner data from disk when run on ec2
    • fix: polish responsive support on mobile browsers
    • feat: polish dashboard layout for mobile browsers
    • feat: update blocklet card to new design
    • fix: use join-url for blocklet-deploy command
  • Service
    • feat: review and polish the event-hub module
    • feat: review and polish notification from blocklets to wallet
  • DevOps
    • chore: prepare new bare ami for computing and storage separation


  • ABT Node Launcher
    • feat: support separation of computing and storage
    • feat: add expiration check and notification send for instances
  • Blocklet Registry
    • feat: update blocklet card to new design
  • OCAP Playground
    • feat: support pub-sub test case
    • feat: support interactive nft endpoint actions
  • I-DID-IT
    • chore: upgrade to latest chain and ocap-playground
  • UX Library
    • chore: upgrade dashboard layout component
    • feat: add new blocklet card component


  • Asset Chain (4 patch release)
    • fix: failed tx not persisted in statedb/indexdb
    • fix: flush events not called on fs/memory adapter
    • fix: asset fetch failed because of escape
    • fix: update migration script to support index rebuilding
    • chore: migrate data to new main chain
    • chore: make load-test cover more tx-protocols

ABT 钱包

  • iOS Wallet: working on v3.0 UI/UX
  • Android Wallet: working on v3.0 UI/UX
  • Web Wallet: working on v3.0 UI/UX


  • Production Nodes: production nodes upgraded to latest ABT Node
  • Bake ABT Node AMI for latest release v1.3.2/v1.3.3
  • Setup test registry for internal use
  • Setup beta chain and deprecate zinc/playground