ABT 节点 1.3.1 版更新日志

2021 年 4 月 23 日,ArcBlock 开发平台 ABT 节点更新至 1.3.1 版。

ArcBlock DApp 平台更新日志

ArcBlock发布更新日志,ABT 节点已升级 至 1.3.1 版。

1.3.1 (2021 年 4 月 23 日)

  • fix: link in detail page should link to correct url
  • fix: exception occurs when installing blocklets in parallel
  • fix: should not dev blocklet in cluster mode
  • fix: should not stop abtnode if a blocklet is under development
  • feat: support running blocklet in cluster mode
  • fix: button status is incorrect in market place page
  • fix: polish blocklet list page for mobile view
  • feat: more performant blocklet healthy check with tcp connection
  • fix: remove signature claim on node setup
  • feat: optimize ci speed for integration tests
  • feat: rotate blocklet logs daily
  • feat: support running abt-node-service in cluster mode
  • chore: polish blocklet waiting ux during purchase workflow
  • feat: send alert information when disk usage exceeds threshhold
  • chore: enable integration tests on 1.3.x branch

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