ArcBlock 每周研发进展(3 月 19 日)

2021 年 3 月 13 日至 3 月 19 日,ArcBlock 工程团队研发进展如下:

ABT 节点

  • Core
    • feat: support blocklet components in ABT Node core
    • spec: add components field in blocklet.yml
    • chore: support configuration child components on blocklet detail page

Blocklet、服务与 SDK

  • ABT Node Launcher
    • working on the node purchase and launching
  • NFT Store
    • working on the node purchase workflow
  • DID Auth SDK
    • JS: support v1.1 jwt signature: hash before sign
  • Asset Chain
    • extend listTransactions to support assetFilter/factoryFilter/tokenFilter
    • add e2e test case for all examples
    • fix graphql schema compatibility issue
    • library to work with asset factory pre-minting and minting
    • contract library to compile/validate and execute contracts when minting assets

ABT 钱包

  • Native Wallet:
    • iOS: working on ethereum compatible epic
    • Android: working on ethereum compatible epic: reverse-swap supported
  • Web Wallet:
    • feat: working on ethereum compatible epic


  • Production Nodes: 5 production nodes upgraded to v1.2.1
  • Asset Chain Staging: deploy v1.7.1 to staging node