How do I connect the NFT Marketplace to the

Can someone help me change my node to connect with my forge sdk so I can connect to my nft marketplace?

How do I change my preset blocklet environments?

Is there a developer available to help me because support stopped responding to my emails?

@hahz Here are the steps to connect the nft-marketplace to your own forge powered chain:

  1. setup your abtnode instance:
  2. start your own chain with our blockchain-manager blocklet in ABT Node, which is much user friendly than forge-cli
  3. get the chain endpoint of the chain you started in blockchain-manager, the chain endpoint should have /api path at the end when provided to any dapp to consume.
  4. change the config of your nft-marketplace to connect it to the new chain. the config should live in .env file in your repo root dir

Following screenshot may help your with above instructions.


Thanks for your help. How long should the abt wallet take to create a moderator because the Generating DID timer is loading for 5 plus minutes. I reset the screen and tried 4 times to create a mod and every time the wallet hangs at the Generating DID screen?

Where do I create NFT’s for the marketplace?

@hahz For the wallet haning issue, please confirm following 2 things:

  1. Is your mobile phone within the same network with your dev laptop? you must ensure that for the phone to access your local chain and dapp
  2. you need to send CreateAsset transactions to create your own nft on the chain. please checkout our official examples here: the usage of this package is rather straight forward.

Please let me know if you encouter any further issues.

Thanks, Shijun, I’ve set up a new blockchain manager. What specific information needs to be added to the .env file to connect the NFT marketplace to the blockchain

SKIP_PREFLIGHT_CHECK=true # server only
MONGO_URI=“mongodb://” APP_TOKEN_SECRET=“37915b1ae3a42a5cca96368eb75ffbda0353734a6ded1bc788”
APP_TOKEN_TTL=“1d” APP_SK=“0xeef0f8aa177bcf947980727389164b60411cac8a200b2d3cb6954fb2c5223dcb8b0d24b1db433b346396230d5833bbb9fac58768efde4c998de6473c9d78cfa7”
APP_PORT=“3030” # both client and server

GATSBY_APP_DESCRIPTION=“The marketplace to sell and buy valuable blockchain NFTs” GATSBY_APP_ID=“zNKa7xm99TypbudJoGPBgUHLUYg4GozSHhM1” GATSBY_BASE_URL=“

Can you explain what specifically needs to be changed and what would be replaced within the blockchain manager configuration information?

GATSBY_CHAIN_ID=“xenon-2020-01-15” = Chain Name
GATSBY_CHAIN_HOST = Blockchain Manager Explorer / External Api


@hahz You should adjust GATSBY_CHAIN_ID, GATSBY_CHAIN_HOST and GATSBY_BASE_URL and MONGO_URI according to your dev env.

If all those are correct, the dapp should be able to start and work.

Can you email me Shijun so I can finalize this setup.

@hahz Let me explain above config entries a little bit more:

  • GATSBY_CHAIN_ID should be the chain id strign when you setup the chain in blockchain-manager
  • GATSBY_CHAIN_HOST should be the forge-web endpoint in my earlier reply on this thread
  • GATSBY_BASE_URL should point to your local intranet ip address
  • MONGO_URI should be an accessible mongodb connection string

These config may vary according to your dev setup, so I do not need to email you anything.

I’ve done everything mentioned and it still isn’t connecting :thinking: Can you look at this more, please can you help us

Thanks. Blockchain Boarding Gate (custom and playground) is giving me a network error.

I installed the NFT Store and the public URL gives this error “Cannot GET /”

@hahz I just checked your website, seems the production site is not configured properly. can you email me the screenshot of your configuration so I can check if everything is properly configured.

Reminding: please blur config entries that are sensitive, such as application secretkey.

By the way, I do not have access to your repo. but let’s check your configuration first.