ABT 节点 1.2.2 版更新日志

2021 年 2 月 26 日,ArcBlock 开发平台 ABT 节点更新至 1.2.2 版。

ArcBlock DApp 平台更新日志

ArcBlock发布更新日志,ABT 节点已升级 至 1.2.2 版。

1.2.2 (2021 年 2 月 26 日)

  • fix: registry editing not working as expected
  • chore: change default worker_connections to
  • fix: can not delete current selected registry
  • fix: registry switch crash caused by default list format
  • feat: support multi blocklet registry in marketplace
  • feat: complete cors support with preflight request
  • fix: should not remove app dir if version did not change
  • fix: log viewer is cleared unexpectedly on blocklet events
  • feat: blocklet can get user data by blocklet sdk
  • feat: support update site domain
  • feat: remove app dir of old version after blocklet upgraded
  • fix: routing rule should auto refresh in routing page

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