ArcBlock 每周研发进展(2 月 26 日)

2021 年 2 月 21 日至 2 月 26 日,ArcBlock 工程团队研发进展如下:

ABT 节点

  • Release
    • Bug bash and release 1.2.2 on February 26
  • Core
    • feat: blocklet sdk that wraps blocklet services inside
    • fix: log viewer was cleared unexpectedly
    • fix: complete CORS support in nginx routing engine
    • feat: better support for multiple registry in marketplace page
    • feat: support update primary domain for site
    • fix: blocklet install failure on Windows WSL, on going
    • cli: fix blocklet dev urls not fetched automatically

Blocklet 及服务

  • Wallet Playground
    • feat: update pre-start script to adapt to chain config
    • chore: use @blocklet/sdk to retrieve user related info
  • Token Swap
  • Reverse Token Swap
    • fix: several ui bugs, more pending
  • Blocklet Registry
    • feat: provide /api/registry.json to ABT Node
  • Payment Gateway
    • chore: polish ci process to ensure package/blocklet publishing/deployment
    • chore: integration tests with abt-wallet and wallet-playground
    • fix: various bugs found before/after deploy to staging env

ABT 钱包

  • Native Wallet: new release to App Store today
    • iOS: bug bash and bug fix for the refactored version
    • Android: compatibility improvement
  • Web Wallet:
    • feat: support statedb encryption
    • chore: bug fixe and publish of 0.2.17


  • Production Nodes: 5 production nodes upgraded to v1.2.1
  • Dedicated AWS Node for staging purposes
  • Upgrade AWS ES Cluster for staging asset-chain indexdb
  • Dev Blocklet Registry