ArcBlock 每周研发进展(2 月 5 日)

2021 年 1 月 30 日至 2 月 5 日,ArcBlock 工程团队研发进展如下:

ABT 节点

  • Release
    • Bug bash and release 1.1.19 on February 5
  • Core
    • chore: redesign auth-service/blocklet-interface/routing-rule relationship
    • chore: auth service-related improvements bug fix
    • chore: example blocklet with auth service inside
    • feat: support jump to next input on forms
    • cli: support monorepo when blocklet bundle

Blocklet 及服务

  • Reverse Swap Service
    • feat: support web-wallet, need final test
  • Wallet Playground
    • Fix: logout issue when mounted on relative path
  • Payment gateway
    • Feat: implement QLDB statedb adapter
    • Feat: implement DynamoDB indexdb adapter
    • Chore: better statedb and indexdb interface
    • Chore: better state interface, tx state now included
    • Chore: integration tests with wallet-playground and native-wallet: issues found
    • Feat: wrap all packages into a blocklet: issues found when bundle
    • Chore: bunch of bugfix and edge case coverage improvements

ABT 钱包

  • Native Wallet:
    • iOS: Code refactor and SQLite library switch
  • Web Wallet
    • chore: support did-connect
    • chore: support restricted-declare
    • feat: nft list and detail display issue
    • fix: database crash issue by removing uniq index
    • chore: bunch of other bug fix and improvements


  • Production Nodes: 5 production nodes upgraded to latest release
  • Renew HTTPS certificate for