ABT 钱包网页端 0.2.13 版更新日志

2021 年 1 月 25 日,ArcBlock 开发的去中心化身份钱包 ABT 钱包网页端新至 0.2.13 版。

ABT 钱包网页端更新日志:2021 年 1 月 25 日

ArcBlock发布更新日志,ABT 钱包网页端已升级 至 0.2.13 版,包括以下更新:

  • 新功能
  • 优化和性能提升
  • 程序错误修复
  • 用户体验改善

0.2.13 (2021 年 1 月 25 日)

  • fix: update balance when finish transfer
  • fix: adapter height when screen too narrow
  • fix: transfer by ios backup file
  • chore: profiles is broken and assets is not show
  • fix: publish script
  • fix: account balance is incorrect
  • fix: account token is incorrect
  • fix: loop retry request
  • fix: loop retry request
  • fix: show expire tag condition
  • fix: disable confirm btn when assets are loading during did-auth
  • feat: support retry when sync asset and account from chain
  • feat: retry sync asset and account that is not new value
  • feat: drag-n-drop support when restoring from wallet backup
  • chore: add send and receive token btn in wallet detail page

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