ArcBlock 每周研发进展(1 月 22 日)

2021 年 1 月 16 日至 1 月 22 日,ArcBlock 工程团队研发进展如下:

ABT 节点

  • Release
    • Bug bash and release 1.1.17 on Jan. 22
  • Core
    • Feat: support config service in blocklet.yml (ongoing)
    • Chore: try use auth service in all blocklets (ongoing)
    • Feat: completely removed chain/ocap support in ABT Node
    • Refactor: do not init node state on creating ABT Node instance: not merged
    • Feat: adapt to new registry api prefix
    • Fix: export blocklet registry when run abtnode export
    • Fix: nginx worker_connections issue
    • Fix: https+port access-url issue
    • Fix: do not check update for blocklets from non-registry
    • Other minor UI fix and code cleanup

Blocklet 及服务

  • Blocklet Registry
    • Feat: api prefix for blocklet related endpoints
  • Reverse Swap Service
  • Payment gateway
    • Forge-js update by bumping all crypto/hash related dependencies to latest
    • Transaction pipes: more pipes added, verify-delegation, extract-signer, etc.
    • Transaction protocols: transfer/exchange/declare/migrate/delegate/revoke_delegate
    • State Layer: generate standard account/asset/delegate states for storage layer
    • Adaptor: memory adapter as test fixture

ABT 钱包

  • Native Wallet:
    • Production release for both android and ios
    • Code refactor for iOS wallet
    • Another hotfix release for android wallet
  • Web Wallet
    • Feat: support send and receive tokens on account
    • Feat: support drag-n-drop restore
    • Feat: show offline/expire tag for NFT
    • Feat: display syncing status
    • Chore: polish nft display during did-auth
    • Chore: improve onchain data sync stability


  • Production Nodes: 5 production nodes upgraded to latest release
  • Migrate production nodes to Elastic IP (on going)